The Way We Bust Unions Now

Whole Foods, the upscale grocery store you used to shop at sometimes, as a treat, is maintaining an “interactive heat map” of its 510 brick-and-mortar locations to monitor which might be most at risk of unionization. Business Insider reports: The stores’ individual risk scores are calculated from more than two dozen metrics, including employee “loyalty,”Continue reading “The Way We Bust Unions Now”

Why Is Amazon Hiring Pharmacists?

I applied for unemployment insurance today, which has been temporarily expanded to include freelancers, and was looking through the job listings posted by the New York Department of Labor. This is an interesting one: “Per Diem Staff Pharmacist” at PillPack, a start-up Amazon acquired for $753 million last summer. According to CNBC, PillPack’s founder—himself theContinue reading “Why Is Amazon Hiring Pharmacists?”