They've Got a Plan for That

“For days, Mr. Kiple said, he has been getting nonstop phone calls from frantic hospital administrators, governor’s offices and other government officials looking for more machines. He’s even received inquiries from a number of wealthy individuals hoping to buy their own personal ventilators, a fallback plan in case the American hospital system buckles.”

"Is the end really that bad?" by Dominique Rémy

Having read and listened to sermons about the Book of Revelations at eight years old, one might suggest that experience prepared me for the nightmare scenario we find ourselves in today. Logically, that would assertion track. But it’s wrong. In fact, that was the moment I lost my faith, due to a combination of anxiety-relatedContinue reading “"Is the end really that bad?" by Dominique Rémy”

"Prelude to quarantine," by Sam Adler-Bell

The other night we had an argument. I think it was about whether people tend to feel some sense of duty to perform their jobs, whether or not they hate them. (My characterization.) And that argument became an argument about our respective styles of argument: me, obsessively fixated on reiterating my point in different waysContinue reading “"Prelude to quarantine," by Sam Adler-Bell”

Cancellations: March 17, 2020

Yesterday, on his blog, Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben issued a chiarificazione regarding his beliefs about “the so-called coronavirus epidemic.” As any good clarification does, it began with a testy condemnation of “distortions and falsifications,” before delving into some deeper thoughts about fear and pestilence, “which, despite their clarity, will no doubt also be misrepresented.” InContinue reading “Cancellations: March 17, 2020”

This is a blog about delirium

There’s a global pandemic. The economy is teetering on the edge of collapse. One line goes down, the other goes up. Many of us are stuck inside our homes, “socially distancing” ourselves so as to “flatten the curve.” Others are forced outside, risking their health in order to make rent. Socialist ideas are more popularContinue reading “This is a blog about delirium”