“Beached Whale,” by Natalie Adler

Last week, a humpback whale washed up on the shores of Jacob Riis Park, where he was buried on the beach. Someone on a walk must have spotted the whale and called the police, which is what some people do when they don’t know what to do. Local environmental officials and the Atlantic Marine ConservationContinue reading ““Beached Whale,” by Natalie Adler”

“Oh My God, I Miss Meeting Someone I Hate,” by Katie Way

Depending on your attitude—mine is bad—it’s either eerie or heartening how easy it’s been to map real-life socializing on to the internet. Hanging out virtually is still hanging out, even if the fun is dulled by physical distance. We’re still checking in and flirting and riffing and gossiping and showing up to video call “birthday parties”Continue reading ““Oh My God, I Miss Meeting Someone I Hate,” by Katie Way”

“Michael Bloomberg Redistributed $36.37 Directly To Me,” by Matthew Phelan

If I was retiring on a 401k or a pension soon, I would probably be incredibly worried that the stock market is in freefall. The parasitic forecasters at Goldman Sachs are predicting a steep GDP collapse in the second quarter as coronavirus rules everything around us. Revisions earlier this week to their already bleak estimatesContinue reading ““Michael Bloomberg Redistributed $36.37 Directly To Me,” by Matthew Phelan”

Why Is Amazon Hiring Pharmacists?

I applied for unemployment insurance today, which has been temporarily expanded to include freelancers, and was looking through the job listings posted by the New York Department of Labor. This is an interesting one: “Per Diem Staff Pharmacist” at PillPack, a start-up Amazon acquired for $753 million last summer. According to CNBC, PillPack’s founder—himself theContinue reading “Why Is Amazon Hiring Pharmacists?”

“Circadian Rhythms,” by Fran Hoepfner

At some point in college when the conversation turned, as it was wont to do, to how everyone was “dealing with their period,” I had a friend tell me I should––no, I needed—to buy one of those hot water bottles with a cashmere cover. Cashmere! The fuck? I was twenty years old. The hot waterContinue reading ““Circadian Rhythms,” by Fran Hoepfner”

“My Mutual Aid Project, My Ego, and Me,” by Liz Baldwin

Last night I got an email from a TV station in Tokyo. It wasn’t addressed to me, exactly, but it was sent to an email address I created for Corona Couriers, a mutual aid project that I started earlier this month as a response to the ongoing pandemic.  For almost two weeks, I have hadContinue reading ““My Mutual Aid Project, My Ego, and Me,” by Liz Baldwin”

Where Have All the Good Boys Gone

Cities hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic are running out of cats and dogs to adopt, Bloomberg reports: Muddy Paws Rescue and Best Friends Animal Society are reporting shelters they work with are either all out of or almost out of cats and dogs after a surge in applications of as much as 10-fold inContinue reading “Where Have All the Good Boys Gone”

Mike Davis on The Dig Podcast

“Before I get to the question of whether capitalism is biologically sustainable or not, let’s get straight to the biggest issue of all: incipient genocide. During the high Cold War, there was not a person on earth that wasn’t important to the struggle between the two superpowers, and both superpowers advanced visions of progress forContinue reading “Mike Davis on The Dig Podcast”

"A Blog Post About the Time I Got Psoriasis on My Dick, Diarrhea, and COVID-19," by Jacob Bacharach

Until my senior year of college I had beautiful skin, and then my Ashkenazi heritage caught up with me, the dry cracks and unflatteringly rouged cheeks of all those generations rolling their carts into the Pale of Settlement flew out of my ancestry and onto my face and hands and, worryingly, onto a persistent littleContinue reading “"A Blog Post About the Time I Got Psoriasis on My Dick, Diarrhea, and COVID-19," by Jacob Bacharach”