Did Coronavirus Break My Brain or Was It Already Broken

I thought I was having a decent day today. Talked to two sources on the phone. Came up with some potential ideas for stories. Took a shower. Smoked a cigarette. Then I had to video chat with my therapist. After we hung up, I spent 15 minutes retching into my toilet and an hour lyingContinue reading “Did Coronavirus Break My Brain or Was It Already Broken”

The Way We Bust Unions Now

Whole Foods, the upscale grocery store you used to shop at sometimes, as a treat, is maintaining an “interactive heat map” of its 510 brick-and-mortar locations to monitor which might be most at risk of unionization. Business Insider reports: The stores’ individual risk scores are calculated from more than two dozen metrics, including employee “loyalty,”Continue reading “The Way We Bust Unions Now”

“Far Away and Long Ago,” by Andy Orin

Fourteen years ago I was in Oxford, England, walking along a river with the ducks. I spent a lot of time walking around the city, amid the all the schools and churches and their spires, through graveyards and streets lined with shops and tourists and students, through parks and meadows with a handful of mooContinue reading ““Far Away and Long Ago,” by Andy Orin”

Introducing BRENDAN

Better Rebrand Everything Now Dumb Asshole Nitwit, or BRENDAN, is a coalition dedicated to taking credit for the work of others and parlaying that into a career in politics. We co-opt the radical demands that develop out of grassroots campaigns, exploiting the unpaid and underpaid labor of activists and organizers around the country and callContinue reading “Introducing BRENDAN”

Liberals Would Rather Lose Than Allow a Socialist to Lead

In 2017, the UK Labour Party came within 2,227 votes of winning a general election, which would have resulted in Jeremy Corbyn becoming prime minister. Had the party won just seven more seats, it would been able to form a “progressive alliance” with other, smaller parties, excluding both the Conservatives and the Democratic Unionist PartyContinue reading “Liberals Would Rather Lose Than Allow a Socialist to Lead”

A Blog About a Dog by Sarah Edwards

My foster dog has a black snout and paws the size of baseball gloves. Until a month ago he was a stray and when we go on walks he strains longingly toward other dogs, adoring, eager to learn how to be a dog. Sometimes when I look at him, I say “hold my beer” andContinue reading “A Blog About a Dog by Sarah Edwards”

Did You Know That the NYC Department of Sanitation Has an Anthropologist in Residence

Her name is Robin Nagle and she is quoted in this great story from The City about how all the rich people leaving Manhattan for their second homes has meant less garbage to be picked up, while middle class people in Queens and Staten Island being cooped up in their apartments has led to aContinue reading “Did You Know That the NYC Department of Sanitation Has an Anthropologist in Residence”

“How to Make a Grilled Cheese for Your Son,” by Casey Taylor

We’re almost out of toilet paper but bread is plentiful. The Shop N Save in the Mount Washington neighborhood of Pittsburgh has been well stocked with perishables and frozen foods, likely because the inhabitants of the neighborhood are all affluent enough that they’re ordering from Prime Now or driving to a nicer grocery store inContinue reading ““How to Make a Grilled Cheese for Your Son,” by Casey Taylor”

“Can They See Me Right Now?” by Melanie Chambers

The first time I acted without permission at work was in the second year of my high school music teaching job. My classroom was dull and windowless. Fluorescent lights beat down on a dreary mauve carpet that matched the dreary mauve acoustic panels, stapled hastily to the walls. The space, converted from a basketball gym,Continue reading ““Can They See Me Right Now?” by Melanie Chambers”