The Way We Bust Unions Now

Whole Foods, the upscale grocery store you used to shop at sometimes, as a treat, is maintaining an “interactive heat map” of its 510 brick-and-mortar locations to monitor which might be most at risk of unionization. Business Insider reports:

The stores’ individual risk scores are calculated from more than two dozen metrics, including employee “loyalty,” turnover, and racial diversity; “tipline” calls to human resources; proximity to a union office; and violations recorded by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The map also tracks local economic and demographic factors such as the unemployment rate in a store’s location and the percentage of families in the area living below the poverty line.

According to the report, management considers that the more diverse the workforce at a given store is the less likely it is to unionize. In other words, bosses understand the racial stratification of the U.S. working class as an asset in their efforts to keep workers divided and profit margins high.

As you will recall, Whole Foods is owned by Amazon, whose stock hit a record high last week, making CEO and founder Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, $6.4 billion richer.

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