"Corona Diary," by Lena Solow


St pattys 

Work from home – trying to make sure [redacted] gets paid

Phone therapy – weird, what are you supposed to say

Cried bc what if [redacted] drinks themselves to death 

Got half and half, tortilla chips, sour candy 

FaceTime [redacted] 

Phone [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] 

Toast w butter and jam coffee sour patch watermelons leftover sesame noodles and egg roll seltzer 

Walk in park 

Text from [redacted] says I love you big time, I say I love you too [redacted] of course 

Watch [redacted] insta stories so mad he’s insane grifter 

Gyms closed movies entertainment closed 

Tried to do workout but felt weak and bad sat on floor 

Panic about shelter in place but you can still walk around so less panicked 

Watched porn got sad seeing people touch

Lena Solow

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